Vancouver National Mortgage Corporation

Vancouver National Mortgage Corporation provides subordinate debt and equity financing to commercial real estate investors on a selective basis. Financing is secured by a first or second mortgage over income producing real estate. Our primary focus is on real estate which is located in British Columbia metropolitan areas. Our primary goal is the preservation of investor capital through carefull analysis of each investment. We closely monitor and manage our funded investments to minimize risk and maximize return to our clients. Whenever possible we invest our own funds alongside our syndicate investors as a demonstration of our commitment to each mortgage. Our mortgage investments are oriented towards short to medium term, high yielding, fixed or floating rate mortgages. It is not our policy to hold direct investments in real estate assets.  
phone: 604-678-5228 | fax: 604-685-6177

Suite 760 - 1040 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 4H1